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Regional College of Science and Humanities

Regional College of Science and Humanities (RCSH) is run by National Educational Charitable Trust (NECT). The trust has established in 2002 and immediately entered into educational activities by establishing a college affiliated to one of the largest universities of India, University of Calicut. There are 5000 UG/PG colleges affiliated to this university thus catering 2500,000 students annually spread in five districts of northern Kerala. .

Regional College of Science and Humanities (RCSH) is a government approved financing college to the University of Calicut. It started functioning in 2004 and located at campus named Harithagiri, half a kilometer of the Areekode-Kondoty highway from Mundamparamba schoolpadi in the north-east direction. Harithagiri is a valley surrounded by thickly vegetated green hills with a serene and salubrious ambience ideally suited for peaceful teaching and learning exercise with undisturbed natural tranquility.


Harithagiri is a community with dedication committed to holistic education through transmitting highest values of our democratic nation, India. We stand for Liberty and Fraternity. Together, we strive to create an inclusive and safe environment where all individuals can flourish and spread the fragrance of educational wisdom- locally, nationally and globally. We envision to imbues knowledge with the power to benefit whole human beings under a moral framework that the current world desperately looking for.


Through facilitating State-of-the-art academic and student life in our campus, RCSH becomes a destiny for hundreds of students fit within a cohesive visual aesthetic that preserves tradition amid progress. Our legacy helps to create a distinct home for our students, faculty, and staff. Our slogan represent our mission in its true sense, ‘Enrol to the Legacy of Excellence’. The wholeness of RCSH is nothing but each of the stakeholders of the college will become servant leaders, and reflectively and prayerfully discern their futures. In other words, we build true leaders for our nation and the world. We commit excellent educational and extra-curricular opportunities to our students and faculties.


Regional College is one of the largest and time-proven colleges from the Malabar region, which is the northern part of Kerala, India. The college offering about 15 courses from UG and PG, with a strength of 1200 students. The numbers prove the highest quality teaching and learning environment in Regional College. departments in RCSH are: Commerce, Business Administration, Computer Science, English, Sociology, Chemistry, Physics, Nutrition, Mathematics, Statistics, Arabic, Malayalam, Journalism, Political Science and Physical Education. Programs offered are: M.Com, M.A. Sociology, B.Com with Computer Application, B.Com Finance, B.B.A, BSc Computer Science, BSc. Biochemistry, BSc. Physics, B.A English, B.A Sociology, etc.

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